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About Us


We are a locally owned and operated water cartage business. We provide a drinking water delivery service to Toowoomba and surrounding districts.  If you are looking for clean, safe water for your tank fill or swimming pool fill we only deliver treated drinking water from Council approved sources that meet all Queensland Health requirements.  These sources are tested by Council to ensure the water meets all safety and quality requirements.  We are a dedicated drinking water carrier and never put dam water, raw or untreated water or unapproved/untested water in our vehicles so you can rest assured the the potable water we deliver is safe for your family.

We provide prompt, reliable service 7 days a week.


Did you know?


The Food Act 2006 covers the cartage of drinking water for human consumption and all water cartage operators are required to hold a food licence issued by their Council - in our case Toowoomba Regional Council - Environmental Health Services.


This licence allows operation as a mobile food vehicle and water carriers must comply with the Australian Food Standards Code to ensure that drinking water is safe and suitable for human consumption.The water tank must be constructed from a food grade material, be sound and in good order and be clean and hygienic Also licence holders are required to clean and sanitise the water tanker and all fittings on a regular basis.


How can I tell if my water carrier is licensed?


  • Vehicles must be clearly signed "DRINKING WATER ONLY" and must only be used to cart potable water.

  • Ask if your water carrier is licensed when ordering your drinking water supply.  Also upon arrival ask to see the food licence for that vehicle. The licence for each vehicle should be available to be viewed at any time.

  • Ask your water carrier where he is sourcing his drinking water.   Carriers can only source treated drinking water from a Council approved source.  This is to make sure there is no contamination from untreated dam or bore water.

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All these measures are in place to ensure that your are supplied with clean, quality drinking water for tank filling, pool filling and  all your household needs.. 


If your water supplier does not meet these criteria or you have any queries or concerns, contact Toowoomba Regional Council - Environmental Health Services on 131 872.

We are Food Licensed

    TRC Licence No:   EH/11119/FOOD

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