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Is your drinking water supplier compliant with all Queensland Health and Toowoomba Regional Council

Bulk delivery of clean safe drinking water

All drinking water carriers must have a food licence issued by the Environmental Health Department of Council. Just as a food premises must hold a licence to operate so must your water carrier. Each vehicle must be inspected and licensed This is to ensure that tankers only cart safe, treated drinking water. Operators should not cart any untreated or raw water at any time to avoid the risk of contamination and should be clearly signed "Drinking Water Only". They are also required to keep a detailed log of date, source, destination and volume of all bulk water delivered. This log should also show dates of regular cleaning and flushing of the tank.

Before you take delivery of your next load of water check that it is signed Drinking Water Only and ask the driver to show you his food licence - check that it shows the registration number of that particular truck.

If this cannot be produced contact your local Council. Your family's health and safety may be at risk.

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