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Simple steps to reduce rainwater contamination

How to keep your tank clean and water safe
  1. Keep roof catchments, including the gutters and down pipes, clean and clear of leaves.

  2. Remove overhanging branches of trees and shrubs and potential perches for birds such as wires and TV antennas.

  3. Cover the inlet and overflow of the tank with a mesh to prevent birds, animals and insects from gaining access to tank.

  4. The tank should have a cover to prevent light from reaching the water, as light encourages the growth of bacteria and algae.

  5. The cover should have a tightly sealed manhole, to allow access to the tank for cleaning and inspection purposes.

  6. Each year allow the first good rains to rinse the roof and gutters and run to waste.

  7. Remove the sludge from bottom of your tank periodically

  1. Guttering and pipework should be self-draining or fitted with drainage points to prevent corrosion and metal contamination.

  2. Maintain your leaf trap, as this will reduce the amount of organic matter that enters the rainwater tank through the inlet.

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