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How clean is your tank?

Professional cleaning of drinking water tanks

We take pride in delivering clean, safe drinking water for all your domestic needs - but how clean is your water storage tank?

Frogs, birds and insects can sometimes find their way into your tank and their droppings on your roof can contaminate water entering the tank. Dust , leaves and smoke particles can also wash into your tank tainting your water and forming a sludge at the bottom of you tank that builds up with time.

We suggest that you have your tank professionally cleaned periodically to ensure no harmful bacteria contaminate your drinking water.
In Toowoomba and surrounds we recommend Brad Pike from Pristine Water Systems. Brad has an excellent understanding of peoples' water needs.
If you want your rainwater tank cleaned so that you have the best quality drinking water for your family call Brad on 0429 554 496.
or follow this link to their website Pristine Water Toowoomba

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